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CIDHS has a number of complimentary buses that run for our students to use to get to and from school on a daily basis.

There are four complimentary buses that pick up and drop off students each day.

The four buses go to the following areas and are colour coded as below:


  1. Prickle Park and Lower Silver City

  2. Poon Saan, Taman Sweetland and Upper Silver City

  3. Kampong

  4. The Settlement 

Poon Saan
Taman Sweetland
Upper Silver City

Prickle Park
Lower Silver City


The Settlement

bus colours.png

School Parking:

There are parking bays to the right of the front office building near the Primary Play Area and additional parking next to the school oval.

The designated Kiss-and-Drop area is located next to the school oval.

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