School Facilities

Building your child's future


The bright and welcoming library is located at the back of the school with spectacular views across the Indian Ocean. Primary Students have library lessons once a week with the Teacher-Librarian.

Secondary students enjoy the library environment with classes, assemblies and events. The library is open every lunchtime for students to read, relax, play with puppets or play boardgames. All students have the opportunity to loan books from the library, as many as they can read in a week. 

The library welcomes Playgroup children and their parents for a rhyme, song, dance and story session each week.

Arts Centre

"The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create." President Barack Obama

Visual Arts at CIDHS provides students from Pre-Primary to Year 12 with a forum for self-expression, exploration, imagination and creativity, with the aim to develop well-rounded students with an understanding of culture, strong analytical abilities and a range of communication and interpersonal skills. 

Trade Training Centre

CIDHS Design and Technologies actively engages students in creating quality designed solutions for identified needs and opportunities across a range of technologies contexts. Students consider the economic, environmental and social impacts of technological change and how the choice and use of technologies contributes to a sustainable future. Decision-making processes are informed by ethical, legal, aesthetic and functional factors.


Through Design and Technologies at CIDHS, students manage projects independently and collaboratively, from conception to realisation. They apply design and systems thinking and design processes to investigate ideas, generate and refine ideas, plan, produce and evaluate designed solutions. They develop their ability to generate innovative designed products, services and environments. 


Our STEM laboratory means that students are provided with authentic learning challenges that foster critical and creative thinking skills. Students learn in a technology rich environment where students have access to technology such as 3D printers, laser cutters and iPads.

The STEM room at Christmas Island DHS is a work in progress with massive changes taking place in 2018 to turn it from a computer room to a Maker-Space where students can use Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics in an integrated way to solve real world problems.


The aim of the area is to develop creative and critical thinking skills and to build problem solving skills that enhances students' learning. Students can build, make, play, program, invent, design, experiment and more in a collaborative, fun and well resourced work-space.

The Jungle Cafe

The Jungle Café is set up behind the Home Economics Room with shade cloth for use in good weather. The Hospitality students run a café each Thursday recess for about 8 weeks in the year to satisfy the requirements of their Hospitality course. Events such as the Bird Week dinner are also held in this area and this gives students real life experience in a hospitality environment with real customers.


The centre has 10 work stations equipped for two students each, with stainless steel work benches (two of these have low benches suitable for wheelchair height or younger students) and a mixture of electric and commercial gas ovens. The centre also has an espresso coffee machine, a commercial dishwasher, bench top deep fryer and a teacher demonstration area. There is a walk-in coolroom and freezer.