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Positive relationships and effective communication with parents is a key focus at Christmas Island District High School.  We understand that as parents your attitudes, values and behaviours can positively influence your child’s education outcomes. We know that parents, families and carers are some of the most important influences on a child’s education.

When you are positively engaged in your child’s education, they are more likely to attend and perform better at school. We understand that effective parent and family engagement in education is more than just participation in school meetings and helping with fundraising, it is actively engaging with your child’s learning, both at home and at school. The school seeks regular opportunity to involve parents in the education of their children. 

Christmas Island District High School believes that strong relationships between the School, our parent body and our students are vital to ensure the success of each student.


Primary School        8:00am - 2:10pm

Secondary School   7:50am - 2:10pm



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